What Women Want, Nelly Thomas


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In What Women Want Nelly gives a very honest and funny take on life for Australian women in the 21st century. Nelly addresses all the challenges and opportunities, big and small, facing women today. Through hilarious stories from her own life Nelly gives us a refreshing perspective on just how much life has changed for women of her generation, and tries to answer the question; what do women want? The promise of progress‚Äîsome of it feminist, some of it from other sources‚Äîdoesn’t seem to have been fulfilled. So many modern women seem to feel under pressure rather than free. Some of us are experiencing all this choice, all these options, as a burden. We’ve all felt that paralysis at the super-market when confronted with 738 varieties of deodorant‚Äîwhat is the difference between the deodorants, is one better than the other, will it harm me, can I afford it, do I even need it? I think that might be a metaphor writ large for an entire generation. We’ve got a lot of options, but how the hell do we choose?

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