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How would our lives change if we set our goals based on what would actually fulfil us, instead of what feels easy or achievable? Lillian Ahenkan’ s hypothesis- anyone can create a unique formula for their own personal success. The one-size-fits-all approach to your best lif’ is outdated – you can do better. You do’ t have to be exceptional (or even the exception) to be successful. You just need to learn the algorithm. Through her own success experiment, Lillian transformed herself from a two-time uni drop-out stuck in a career that paid in burnout, into highly sought-after media personality FlexMami. And here she shows that her experience has’ t been a fluke. Instead of focusing on what you ca’ t change, spend your time hacking what you can – yourself. This formula combines what you know about yourself with what you know about society. The result? Getting what you really want. ‘A desperately needed, delightfully digestible handbook on living a successful and fulfilling life. In her deeply thought-provoking but approachable signature style, Flex opens up a refreshing and relatable conversation on self-betterment that’ll have you in tears and in stitches all at once. A game-changing contribution to the traditional and sometimes clinical self-help landscape that you won’t be able to put down.’ Sarah Davidson, author of Seize the Yay

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