The President of Good & Evil, Peter Singer


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President George W. Bush is the ‘President of Good and Evil’ – the man who, more than any other United States president in living memory, talks constantly about ethics, about values, about good and evil.This book is an attempt to hold the policies of George W. Bush, and his actions as president, up to an ethical standard – including his own. But it goes beyond that. It is also a study in a distinctively American ethic, for there are many features of his ethic that are not widely held elsewhere in the developed world. (There are also, of course, many Americans who do not share them.)Some will question whether Bush is sincere in his ethical pronouncements. While Singer highlights some flagrant inconsistencies between what he has said and what he has done, the book is not an exposi of the ‘real’ Bush beneath the public pronouncements. The President of Good & Evilis Singer’s attempt to hold the world’s most prominent moralist accountable.

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