You Don’t Belong Here; How Threee Woman Rewrote the Story of War, Elizabeth Becker


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The never-before-told story of three women who courageously reported from the frontlines of the Vietnam War. One spent twenty-three days in captivity. Another jumped off planes to get the perfect aerial shot. The other reported from war-torn slums and villages. Catherine Leroy, Frankie Fitzgerald and Kate Webb were the first female frontline journalists in the history of the US war reporting. Over the course of the Vietnam War they challenged the rules imposed on them, all in an effort to get the story straight. Using the stories of these three women, Elizabeth Becker traces in Vietnam from the Tet Offensive to the revolution in Cambodia to the American defeat and aftermath. Kate Webb, an Australian reporter was captured by the Vietcong only to continue her fearless reporting after her release. American Frankie Fitzgerald’s powerful coverage earned her bylines in The New Yorker, and she became the first female war reporter for the magazine. And at only twenty-two, the French Catherine Leroy was one of the only female photographers in Vietnam. In You Don’t Belong Here, Becker tells the story of how three women forged a place for themselves and for generations of female reporters to come.

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