Up the Gulch, Cathleen Norman,Linda M. Jones


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Each community has a story to tell, and what better way than through its architecture? This portable, easy-to-read guide takes you on tours of historic Black Hawk, Central City and Nevadaville. Up the Gulch tells their story as seen from the business buildings, picturesque cottages, proud schoolhouses and churches and the mining ruins that remind us of the day when gold was king. It includes the history of these three fascinating towns and biographies of famous Colorado leaders whose lives and fortunes were shaped in this gulch.Gilpin County, the ?Cradle of Colorado,? is the place that launched Colorado?s first gold rush in 1859. Gilpin?s three towns boast a wealth of history and abundance of historic places that have delighted and enchanted long time locals and first time visitors alike. Join us on a walk up the gulch?

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