Cadence, Ed Ayres


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Irreverent, immensely popular, funny and charismatic, Ed Ayres is the darling of ABC Classic FM. Listeners nationwide wake up to his honeyed tones delivering fresh perspectives on timeless classics, introducing listeners to new composers, and telling tales about his BMW motorbike and his love of exotic travel. He is lauded as an entertainer and musical expert, who is keen to break down the barriers surrounding classical music. In 1999 Ed cycled – yes, cycled – from England to Hong Kong, with a only a small violin for company. ln Cadence, Ed tells this story and reveals a life filled with adventure, contrast, unpredictable events and, always, music. From learning violin in small-town England to performing in one of the greatest musical and historical events of the 20th century; from poverty-stricken student days in dank London to studying with maestros in Cold War West Berlin; and whether cycling one of the world’s greatest deserts with only Elgar for company to playing in the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Ed Ayres’ life has always been about the music. The events of his life are interwoven with specific pieces that have great meaning for him: Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos is the soundtrack to a teenage Ed falling head over heels in love; Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings plays as he negotiates the often treacherous world of music college; Astrid Gilberto as he tries to repair a dysfunctional relationship with his mother; and Peter Sculthorpe as he finally comes to a place that feels like home – Australia. Part memoir, part musical journal and part travelogue, Cadence explores the life of one of the ABC’s best-loved personalities.

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