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Anxious Girls Do It Better is the travel guide that covers everything you need to know when anxiety is your (invisible) excess baggage. The second in the Girls Guide to the World series, this travel companion for women contains invaluable practical advice for anyone who experiences anxiety while travelling. Including advice from a pilot, doctor and psychologist, alongside author, Bunny Banyai’s own experiences of juggling holiday fun with a mixed bag of neuroses, you don’t need an official diagnosis of anxiety to get something out of this book. Perhaps you’re simply nervous at the idea of parting with a wad of cash in exchange for three weeks in the Mediterranean. Or maybe you’re feeling rattled by the Covid-19 pandemic, which doesn’t make you someone with an anxiety disorder, but rather just a normal human being. Visiting an unknown corner of the globe with only a wheelie bag for company could induce anxiety in a bar fridge. In spite of any worries, Anxious Girls Do It Better will help you to travel anyway, because there’s only so much you can learn about the world while lying in bed and watching Netflix. And hey, what’s the worst thing that could happen?* *everything, LOL

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