We’re Going on an Elf Chase, Martha Mumford


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‘———————THE BUNNY ADVENTURES: DISCOVER THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLING SERIES!THE BUNNY ADVENTURES: OVER 1.5 MILLION COPIES SOLD!———————We’re going on an elf chase. Come and join the fun.Can we catch them all? YES! Run, run, run!Four bunnies set off on a jolly Christmas lift-the-flap adventure to find ten little elves hidden under the flaps. You’ll have to run, run, run if you’re going to catch them all! And there are lots of obstacles along the way, from clippy-cloppy reindeer to roaring polar bears and flippy-flappy penguins. Stuffed with festive frolics, this is the perfect Christmas gift.From the bestselling Laura Hughes, illustrator of We’re Going on an Egg Hunt and The Birthday Invitation

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