Tommy and Tiger Terry, Niama Wessely,Darren Mort


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Tommy is a kid like so many from separated households: he loves his Mum; he loves his Dad. On his wish list, he would like them to reconcile – but, that is not going to happen.Importantly, Tommy believes it’s all his fault. To address his feelings of conflict, Tommy has an imaginary friend, Tiger Terry, who relieves Tommy’s anxieties and confusion. Playfully, Tiger Terry travels on adventures with Tommy and provides him with avenues of escape, so that he can better understand his parents and his family situation. A compelling book for children and parents and a useful resource for any separated family to assist children to make sense of it all. The aim is easy – as we all want our kids to grow up into well balanced and psychologically healthy adults.Tommy is just the read to help kids understand that they are not alone — back cover.

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