The Ones We’re Meant to Find, Joan He


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A prescient, thrilling story that combines adventure, secrets, and questions about our environmental future. Perfect for fans of authors Marie Lu (Legend), Lauren James (The Quiet at the End of the World) and Emily Suvada (This Mortal Coil), as well as TV shows Black Mirror and Stranger Things. Features two brilliant female characters – Kasey is a mastermind STEM prodigy, and Cee must survive in incredibly harsh environs alone. Pitched for review in YA publications and teen magazines, as well as YA podcasts and blogs High-visibility campaign for the trade, including a targeted mailout to book influencers, YA booksellers and educators. Strong visual consumer campaign, including print advertising in key young adult literary publications, giveaways, social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram and collaborations with bookstagrammers and the #LoveOzYA community.

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