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Do you know what upsets David Brent? Wasted talent, yeah? People could come to him, and they could go, scuse me David, but youve been in the business 12 years, can you just spare us a moment to tell us how to, you know, run a team, how to keep them task-orientated while, you know, happy? But they dont. Thats the tragedy. So the Brentmeister General is now prepared to share with us the scenes of his daily life. The scenarios that really illustrate the principles of great team management. His morale-boosting comedy (remember when he got Dawn to actually believe she was sacked?), his fund of earthy wisdom (there should be no ego when youre pulling together to do something good) along with glimpses of the fervent soul beyond the work-related arena, the impassioned singer-songwriter of the potentially highly successful band Foregone Conclusion (a.k.a. supported by Texas). These scripts will show how anyone can be a great boss and a funny person, how to use humour to boost morale, how to have a laugh at work, with women, at us. Investment in people. Thats what its all about really. The staff. Letting them know that they are our most important commodity. Its like, if youre cleaning a floor, and youre up against it, then come to me, and Ill help us clean our floor togethernot literally. Including 500 screengrabs from the series and unseen email correspondence between David Brent and his BBC Producer, The Office: The Scripts is the definitive comedy script book, providing fans with an invaluable opportunity to relive their favourite moments over and over again.

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