The Imitator, Rebecca Starford


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“Evelyn Varley has always been ambitious and clever. As a girl, she earned a scholarship to a prestigious academy well above her parents‚Äô means, gaining her a best friend from one of England‚Äôs wealthiest families. In 1939, with an Oxford degree in hand and war looming, Evelyn finds herself recruited into an elite MI5 counterintelligence unit. A ruthless secret society seeks an alliance with Germany and, posing as a Nazi sympathizer, Evelyn must build a case to expose their treachery. But as she is drawn deeper into layers of duplicity – perhaps of her own making – some of those closest to her become embroiled in her investigation. With Evelyn‚Äôs loyalties placed under extraordinary pressure, she‚Äôll face an impossible choice: save her country or the people who love her. Her decision echoes for years after the war, impacting everyone who thought they knew the real Evelyn Varley.”–Publisher.

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