Pellinor #3: The Crow, Alison Croggon


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The third book in the highly acclaimed Pellinor seriesThe earth is poisoned by a deep wrongness and the forces of the Nameless One grow ever stronger. The Treesong – the key to restoring peace – is lost, and only Maerad can unravel its mysteries. While she seeks answers in the north, her brother Hem makes the perilous journey south to Turbansk – aided by his pet crow, Irc – to spy on the child armies of the Dark.Hem is haunted by his bitter past and the uncertainty of his future as evil forces threaten to destroy the city. But his destiny may be linked to the Treesong more closely than he realises…”A ripping read… Fantasy-tastic!” – Herald Sun”Unbelieveably fine, this book represents fantasy storytelling at its best. This exemplary novel is sure to appeal to all fantasy fans.’ – Voya

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