Teeth Marks, Rose Moxham


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YA. The wind felt perilous. It numbed his ears and pinned his mouth back into a crazy grin. All this speed, it felt good. Nick didn’t bother with brakes, gave up trying to get a grip on the pedals. He spread his legs and let the steep incline carry him down, hurtling past those stagnant shops, past the sleeping homeless guy, overtaking a car. The dogs free, barking and running after him. They loved him, even if Jude didn’t. When Nick sets out on a road trip with his best mate Robbie, he expects to make a bit of money and have a bit of fun. He doesn’t expect to love Jude or her rockabilly songs; he doesn’t expect her to bite so hard, and he certainly doesn’t expect to wind up having his secret desires exposed by the crazy people in the orthopaedic ward. It’s not easy being adrift. There are signs that you misread or you don’t even see coming. Either way you can really do some damage.

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