Sivu’s Six Wishes, Jude Daly


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Sivu is a stonemason who can see the potential shape in a rock before he starts to chisel it, but he has never become rich or powerful, and this makes him a disappointed man. One day he finds himself envying a wealthy businessman – and suddenly he becomes that businessman. What a life! Then he starts to envy a mayor… and becomes the mayor. What a life! When Sivu envies the sun’s power, he becomes the sun… then a storm cloud… then the wind… and finally a rock. But in the end he discovers to his amazement that there is someone more powerful than any rock – the stonemason who shapes it.Using clear, elegant storytelling and exquisite illustrations, Jude Daly translates the timeless Taoist story of The Stonecutter to a modern-day African setting, conveying a timeless message for our own age.

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