Sincerely, Marieke Hardy,Michaela McGuire


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Women of Letters is Melbourne‚Äôs newest literary event ‚Äì an afternoon that celebrates a diverse range of strong female talent whilst simultaneously raising funds for Victorian animal rescue shelter, Edgar‚Äôs Mission. Co-curated by writers Marieke Hardy and Michaela McGuire, the monthly occasion will bring together five of Melbourne‚Äôs best and brightest writers, musicians, politicians and comedians in celebration of the beautiful lost art of letter-writing. Women of Letters have revived the gentle art of letter writing. In this collection of missives, a dazzling array of noteworthy Australians share their wisdom, wit and wildest dreams. Here Marieke Hardy and Michaela McGuire have preserved a year of captivating correspondence. A wide range of gentlemen friends have been welcomed into the fold as well, with correspondents including Shaun Micallef, Julian Burnside, Hamish Blake and David Williamson all penning letters ‘To the woman who changed my life’. This funny, touching and charming collection is a delightful presentation of Australian talent from all walks of life.

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