Shake a Leg, Boori Monty Pryor & Jan Ormerod


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A unique picture book collaboration about having fun, sharing culture, and the power of story and dance. From pizza shop to bora ground, here is a joyous celebration of food, dance, and cultural understanding. When three young boys go to a pizza parlor and meet an Aboriginal chef who can speak Italian and make a deadly pizza, they’re in for a surprise!All you fellas watching, come up, join in, warrima.Clap your hands, little ones.Stamp your feet, nannas.Get down and dance, you smart young things, mummas and daddas.Let’s get the whole town dancing!Boori Monty Pryor is a storyteller, dancer, writer, and educator, and Jan Ormerod is an internationally acclaimed picture-book author and illustrator. This glorious book is the first one they have cooked up together.

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