Pink Tide, Jarad Henry


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Rubens McCauley is burnt out and on the edge. Addicted to prescription medication and running from too many years on the front line, he’s a shipwreck; a washed-up cop from the old school, searching for the quiet life. And for a while hes found it. Every night, when the sun sets over the ocean in the samll Victorian town of Jutt Rock, the brilliant wash of colour reflected on the shoreline is known as the Pink Tide, a picture-perfect respite. No crime. No stress. Happy days. But the locals have another name for it, which bares its head late one Friday night when McCauley’s nephew and his friend are brutally bashed while walking home from a party. As his nephew clings to life in hospital and the other dies, the case makes instant headlines. Suddenly McCauley is back in the lime light, forced to abandon his plans of a new life and find the killer. With the eyes of the nation watching over and his own health rapidly deteriorating, Its a case that will take McCauley to the very edge of breaking point, and test both his faith in the criminal justice system and in human decency itself.

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