Pink Mountain on Locust Island, Jamie Marina Lau


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“Embracing the noir tradition and featuring a prose style quite unlike any before, with references that will go both over your head and under your feet, Pink Mountain on Locust Island will flip readers upside down and turn your understanding of the world around around. Modernity, art, family, gender, drugs, music, adolescence, business, religion, internet cafes, food, strangers, aesthetics, vacations, fashion, desires, dreams, expectations, brown couches. Pink Mountain on Locust Island is: a) a subterranean noir of the most electronic generation – the pinkwhite bursts of a teenaged nomad; b) a fizzing of the New Wave underground art province, with its melting pot of noise bands and Phife, amnesiac and digitalised bossa novas, and art installations about art installations; c) a 24-hour yank between pulverised English, elastic Cantonese and the newest, digitalised dialect of transcultural landscapes; d) a short novel narrated among the lumps of Monk’s daydreams, her violent, claustrophobic encounters, and her staccato movements through a hyperreal pop culture world that could only belong to our 21st century; e) all of the above.”–Publisher’s description

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