Jasper McFlea Will Not Eat His Tea, Lee Fox,Mitch Vane


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Jasper and Ginger McFlea are twin brother and sister with wildly different tastes when it comes to food. While Ginger has a hearty appetite and eats almost everything, her brother Jasper refuses to eat anything except pasta. Jasper is also a budding cricketer and as the final match of the season gets closer, Ginger makes a dire prediction about Jasper s sporting future if he doesn t change his culinary ways. When he is taken for a medical check-up, Doctor McTavish diagnoses that Jasper suffers from a boring diet. Doctor McTavish then lets Jasper in on a simple yet little-known secret he doesn t have to eat his food, just taste it! From that moment on Jasper is transformed and, like his twin sister Ginger, develops a taste for a wide variety of healthy and nutritious food. and not only that, his game improves too! As well as being a hilariously entertaining read-out-loud story, Jasper McFlea will not Eat His Tea looks at the topic of food avoidance, a common and challenging childhood issue, which many children and their parents deal with all day, every day.More information and teachers’ guide available at www.jaspermcflea.com.au/

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