It’s Been A Pleasure, Noni Blake, Claire Christian


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Noni Blake knows she wants more: more adventures, more joy, more romance, more orgasms, more pleasure…more everything. Now she just has to figure out how to get it. Noni didn‚Äôt expect to be starting over at the age of thirty-six. But eighteen months after the end of her long-term relationship, she decides it‚Äôs time to start living her life again. While an encounter with a sexy firefighter is a welcome entry back into the dating world, Noni soon realises she‚Äôs looking for more than just a series of brief, pleasurable encounters. She‚Äôs looking for more pleasure in, well, everything. That‚Äôs how she finds herself travelling to Europe to track down the one that got away: the alluring, elusive Molly. But Europe may have other surprises in store…

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