Fetish, Tara Moss


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A spine-chilling novel from the most glamorous woman in crime writing. Makadde Vanderwall is a psycho-magnet. She’s beautiful, single, an international fashion model and a student of forensic psychology. And her best friend has just been brutally murdered. Mak has arrived in Australia on assignment from her native Canada, but the catwalks and catfights of the modelling world are soon overshadowed. In attempting to find her friend’s killer she meets detective Andy Flynn and becomes caught up in the hunt for the perpetrator of the Stiletto Murders – the most violent signature killings Australia has ever seen. But how far can she trust the cynical policeman? As Mak gets drawn further into the case, she becomes enmeshed in a deadly cat-and-mouse game, unaware that she has become the obsession of a sadistic psychopath…

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