Daring to Fly, Lisa Millar


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‘The utterly inspirational story behind one of our country’s most superb journalists. To have played even the tiniest of roles in helping to ignite Lisa’s early fire for journalism gives me more joy than she will ever know.’LISA WILKINSON Lisa Millar has spent her whole life showing up, getting things done and making things happen. As a child growing up in country Queensland, she dreamed of a big life. Working as a foreign correspondent gave her that, but it also meant confronting the worst that humanity can bring. Three decades as a journalist witnessing tragedy had a cost. And an ever-escalating fear of flying threatened to rob her of her ability to work at all. For that young girl from small-town Kilkivan, who had to push herself to keep going, push herself to conquer fear, push herself to tell important stories, finally came the realisation that sometimes all we really need is what we already have. And she shows us that we are all stronger and more resilient than we give ourselves credit for if we just dare to let ourselves fly. ‘A heartfelt and intimate memoir, recounted with a warmth and honesty . . . Through Millar’s eyes, I saw the world anew – yes, filled with tragedy and sadness as so often it is, but also with adventure and promise and friendship and joy.’WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN ‘While this memoir charts how trauma manifests in the life of a foreign correspondent, it is equally about Lisa Millar’s determination to face her fears.’SATURDAY AGE

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