Baby and a Backpack, Jane Cornelius


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A true story about trust, love and family. Jane Cornelius lived and worked in Bali – until she met and fell in love with the wrong man. When she was five months pregnant, he abandoned her, leaving her with nothing. Desperate, she turned to her father, but he couldn’t help. Jane drove into the British countryside looking for a safe haven. She had to ask the Social Services to help her. In a tiny cottage in Glastonbury, her daughter Poppy was born. Now a single parent in the countryside, haunting memories of her family returned. A famous British wrestler, an insane gypsy cook and the Bunny Mother of the Playboy Club motivated her to dream of a different future. She sold everything and bought an around-the-world ticket. Jane travelled through Bali, across Australia, Hawaii and America and didn’t give up until she found what she was looking for.

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