Avoiding Mr Right, Anita Heiss


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“Offered the professional opportunity of a lifetime, Peta leaves her coastal life and doting boyfriend James in Sydney for a 12 month stint in Melbourne. Although full of straight males compared to Sydney, she’s not looking, in fact she’s avoiding the Mr Right so many of her girlfriends have been seeking. Peta’s holy grail will never be an IVF created baby, but rather the title “Minister for Cultural Product”. While focussing on her professional career Peta doesn’t allow herself to fall in love or succumb to the suited uptown males that cross her path, but she does date a much younger artist, an anthropologist, a born-again Christian, a completely-wrong-for-her muso, a naive cop and a sleazy but very hot estate agent. Once assimilating into the Melbourne culture by dressing in mostly black (she refuses to ditch her favourite watermelon coat), Peta finds comfort in the cake shops of Acland Streets and wine bars between St Kilda and the city.”

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