All That Happened At Number 26, Denise Scott


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Heartwarming and written with the author’s trademark candor, this memoir reflects on a comedian’s decision to move into a new home with her husband, his circus equipment, a king-sized futon, no savings, and a newborn baby. Following the birth of the couple’s second child, this recollection details how the husband lost his eyebrows, the circus equipment multiplied, and the futon went moldy. In spite of these drawbacks, this humorous narrative highlights the new memories that this family created in their ramshackle house at number 26, including their kids wearing raincoats when the roof leaked, developing a menu consisting entirely of adzuki beans to combat eczema, and building a cubby house from the dismantled play equipment at the local park. Part autobiography, part stand-up comedy, and completely beguiling, this chronicle combines warmth and good old-fashioned ingenuity to show what it takes to hold it all together while maintaining the love in a marriage, looking after an aging parent, and bringing up kids who will get off the couch.

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