5 Minute Mysteries for Minecrafters, Greyson Mann


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Creepers abound in Birchtown. So do mysteries! Like, who destroyed the village garden? Whats that strange music coming from the cobblestone well? And whoor whatkeeps blowing up the blacksmith shop? Oliver and Audrey investigate in 5-Minute Mysteries for Minecrafters, an all-new series of stories for Minecrafters that can be read in five minutes! In this new series, Oliver and Audrey learn theres a reward for tracking creepers and cracking cases. From secrets in the swamp to bungles in the jungle, there are mysterious happenings in every block of the biome. But with Olivers eye for detail, Audreys courage, and their wolf-dogs super-sniffing nose, no case is too tough for these twins to crack. You can solve each mystery, tooby searching for clues hidden in the stories and illustrations! Help decipher messages, hunt for clues and try to solve each mystery before Audrey and Oliver do!

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